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But well worth it though. The group, whose name aptly means "Voice of Joy," has taken prayers and traditional songs and put many of them to original scores.

October 2018

The result is impressive. It is hard to single out the best, since all are very listenable. Among my favourites are the uplifting "Av Harachamim," and "Shuva," both composed by group director and singer, Miki Grahame. Alicia Ambrose has arranged a particularly funky version of "Ma Nishtana," and given the Purim verse, "Shoshanat Yaakov" a modern, minimalist score.

There are some commendable solo performances, but ultimately the strength of this group lies in its united approach.

Like the tapestry pictured on the CD cover, the individual voices weave together to create a beautiful, colourful piece of art. The CD is available from www.

Most of the songs are original compositions by two members of the group: Alicia Ambrose and Miki Grahame. The youngest child at the Passover seder asks "Ma Nishtana" - "Why is this night different from all other nights? Why is this "Ma Nishtana" different from all others? As the music unfolds we hear themes representing different aspects of the Passover story: the working chant of slavery and the joyful melody of freedom. Ashira lashem b'chayai, azamra leilokai b'odi Ye'erav alav sichi, anochi esmach bashem Yitamu chata'im min ha'aretz, ur'sha'im od einam Barchi nafshi et hashem, halelukah.

Folksong - Ma Nishtana (What Is The Difference?) sheet music for accordion

We are grateful to West London Synagogue for letting us use the beautiful Sanctuary as our recording venue, and to Yakar for generously providing rehearsal space and much support over the years. If you would like to purchase a CD, please email info kolrina. Jewish A Cappella Group.

Kah Echsof Hear an excerpt k Read the lyrics. Words: Shabbat Song by R. Aharon of Karlin Music: Miki Grahame. Av Harachamim Hear an excerpt k Read the lyrics. A new setting of the words traditionally sung in the synagogue before bringing out the Torah. Ma Nishtana Hear an excerpt k Read the lyrics. Ashira Hear an excerpt k Read the lyrics. Is there an English translation of this song so we can know what we're saying as we sing it?

Great Great song. Magnificent learning tool. I had to learn to sing them when my 2 sons were no longer at home. I played this over and over maybe 50 times and it went perfectly at my Seder. Thank you beyond words.

Ma Nishtana Sheet Music by Traditional

Helps me learn, thanks so much, you're great Reply. Pessah sameah le kulam Reply. The Grandchildren learned it easily Thanks to the music and the demo my 4 grandchildren learned these 4 questions in about 20 min. They are looking forward to Passover at our house and asking the questions and eating the foods of Passover. Order of Questions Think the order is out of order First time leading the Seder Many thanks.

This will be the first year I will be leading the Seder and this is definitely helping me prepare. Having the transliterations will be great for some of our guests who don't read Hebrew. Again, todah rabah, BTW.

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That is the real name of my town. Song in the home Tired from a day of working and nog 'n evening at the computer, I stumbled across this. Suddenly this song broke the silence of the night, filtered down the corridoor, into all our rooms, and the night with filled with good memories, eager anticipation of the coming Pesach. Family stuck their sleepy heads into my study door, smiles lit up faces, and now we know: Pesach is coming! Ma Nishtana Why do we specifically want the youngest child to say Ma Nishtana and not the eldest?

The Four Questions It has been too many years since I was the youngest at anything, especially at seder, so thank you for the prompting and the opportunity to reflect! Very interesting explanation. Order of Ma Nishtana Good question! Please check out a response at this link: Why is Chabad's Four Questions different than all others'?

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