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Letting Go of the Status Quo: Living the AWESOME Life We Deserve

Read more. Martha's experience spans a decorated year career as an executive in public and private organizations. Julie Simmons and Andria Corso are masters of reinvention.

In this episode, Lyndsey DePalma will join us to share her journey of In this episode, Julie and Andria share why you should let go of the s Drawing on over 40 years of combined professional experience shaping some o Log In Sign Up. Letting Go of the Status Quo Follow. How willing are we to stand up, let go of the existing circumstances we are unhappy with and move on to a new equilibrium?

Sometimes enough is really enough. When the limit is reached, as much as we might wish otherwise we know it is time for us to stand up, let go and move on.

Status Quo Bias: The Dangers of Letting It Run Your Business

Regardless of the matter, irrespective of advice from friends and family, invariably to change our world we need to change our situation. And this, many times, means beginning with our attitude towards the issue in front of us.

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If we are truly discontent with something we need to push through the quite natural fear of upsetting the status quo and take action to amend the situation. Trust your experience and judgment.

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Be creative. Pretend that you are new to the organization. Ask yourself what a CEO who was an outsider would do. Talk the situation through with several trusted colleagues to test your thinking and solicit their thinking.

Let Go of Status Quo

Be self-aware.